Our Pathways to English series of courses are designed for people who wish to study and develop their English skills over a long period of time. 

Each separate course is designed for students to build and develop their skills and ability.  As students progress through each of the courses, their skills develop and grow in the same way that native English speakers learn English.


Spelling - Foundation will provide you with the tools and building blocks that you need to have to be a successful speller.  This course will help you gain knowledge about the use of the English alphabet and to develop concepts about changing words to fit their context.

This course is a requirement for our Pathways to English series of courses.

Our Comprehension - Foundation course guides you to understand the range of strategies required for effective reading.  The course is broken into sections which contains explanations that help you to understand and gain meanings of the many different type of readings and texts in the English language.

For Beginners to English, the Elementary Pathways course is designed for students to gain a strong understanding in the basics of communicating in English.

This course will introduce students to the main concepts that used when developing an understanding of English.